Environmental degradation

Environmental degradation concerned to the destruction of the natural resources which includes air, water and soil destruction. It causes unsustainability to the environment which leads to the many health issues and loss of species of animals, plants and microorganisms. Human activities like over production and consumption of the goods by using modern technologies create disturbance to the environment. These environmental issues common in developing countries. I live in Pakistan which considered a developing country and facing many problems related to the environment.

Water pollution:

Water pollution is a major environmental issue and common in developing countries. I live in a developing country Pakistan, which has many environmental problems. Water contaminate due to the poor sewage system through which dirty water mix with the clean water and cause many health problems. Water pollution also caused by the harmful chemicals of industries, because industrial chemicals throw in to the canals, rivers and sea.
The use of fertilizers in agriculture also cause water pollution when polluted water wash off to the canal and rivers, because fertilizers contain phosphorus which explodes the algae and increases bacterial growth in the water. Bacteria use dissolved oxygen in the water which affects the marine life, and leads to the loss of many species of animals, plants and micro-organisms living in water. Pakistan is an agricultural country, therefore, this problem is common in Pakistan due to the excessive use of fertilizers. Water degradation also occurs through wasting during bathing and by poor management in many household tasks.

Air Pollution:

Air pollution occurs due to transportation and industrialization. Smoking of vehicles and industries pollute the air and cause many health problems which increases death rate. It is evaluated that there is 24% worldwide burden of disease including respiratory infections, heart disease, lung and skin cancer and death rate estimated 23% due to the environmental issues. It is fifteen times higher in developing countries because of environmental hazards and poor health care.

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