Interesting facts about recycling of metals:

  • The word “metal” is derived from the Greek word “metallon” and its mean extract from earth.
  • In the periodic table 75% are metals of all the element.
  • Metals can be recycled again and again, there is no time limit for it to be recycled.
  • About two third of all the aluminium that has ever been produced is still in circulation.
  • Food institute and hospitals used copper and its ollays like brass because of its anti-microbial property to prevent spread of disease.
  • Once aluminium was considered the third most abundant metal on the earth and more precious than gold, until in 1800s the cheaper method was invented to separate from ore.
  • Most metals have high melting point. In all pure metals tungsten has the highest melting point.
  • Mercury is the only metal which is liquid at standard room temperature due to its lowest melting point.
  • Only 67.4% of the 3 billion used aluminium beer cans are recycled in Australia in 2010 but aluminium cans take about 200 to 500 years to decomposed.
  • The recycled aluminium can be able to back on market in 60 days.
  • Metals are shredded into smaller pieces and sorted according to their types, before melting and casting into new products.
  • Car batteries release all kind of pollutants which sent to the landfills that cause problem because 98% of a car battery is recycled but 90% are not recovered.
  • The saved energy, from recycling only one aluminium cane is equal to run a computer for 4 hours and a lightbulb for 20 hours.
  • Recycling of steel reduce 76% water pollution and 86% air pollution.
  • A compound, bronze is made from alloying tin and smelting copper.
    From 45 years, the recycling of metals is increasing every year.
  • In 2015, the recycling of used aluminium cans was only 34.9% over 2.4 million cans. The energy, that could be saved from 2.5 million cans, is equal to run 2 millions hours of light bulb and 7.2million hours of a computer.
  • Steel takes 50 years to decompose.
  • There are10 states that pay about 5% for beverage can and bottle to be return for recycling. It is a good step to prevent the overcrowded the landfills.
  • Metal lids of bottles and cans can also be recycled but because they are too small that’s why they are hard to be collected from the landfills. Therefore, we can help by collecting the metal lids of used bottles in a container rather than throwing into the landfills.
  • According to the Institute of Scrap Metal Industries, in US, there are more than 130 million metric tons of materials which transferred into raw material commodities which includes copper, aluminium, lead, iron and steel etc.
  • The industry of recycling employing more than 1 million people and generating more than $230 billion annually to help the economy, according to the National Recycling Coalition.
  • Annually, more than 150 million metric tone of scrap metals are recycled by US.
  • When 1 ton of steel is recycled, there is also conservation of 25,00 pounds of iron ore, 14,00 pound of coal and 120 pound of limestone.
  • In engineering construction 21 % of all metals is used in Australia.
Environmental degradation and sustainability development

Following are the consequences of the environmental degradation and their effects on sustainability.

Other consequences of air pollution included.

Following are the consequences of the environmental degradation and their effects on sustainability.

How education help to improve sustainable development

How education help to improve sustainable development

Education system for sustainable development:

Causes of flaws in education in developing countries:

Education system for sustainable development:

Eco-friendly products made from Bamboo

Previous study results have been showed that increase in population has direct relation to increase in pollution. In last five decades’ world population has been increased to the double and now, it leads to more than 7 billion human’s population and due to increase in population, we are facing some serious environmental issues due to pollution. Pollution is making hard for people to breath, causing soil infertility, and it even contributes to natural disasters. There are many factors which cause pollution e.g. smoke of industries and traffic cause pollution. Pollution also caused from the waste of products which cannot recycle or biodegradable and increase garbage. These products made from plastics, glass, aluminum etc. and are not safe for both health and environment. Plastic is the most dangerous material which causes many disease e.g.

                ⦁ In adults, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases and reproductive system abnormalities etc.
                ⦁ In children, it cause immunity disorders, premature puberty, diabetes, and stunt growth etc.

Therefore, the term eco-friendly is used for the products and practices that contribute to the green living environment which helps to prevent natural resources like air, water and land and also free from dangerous and unhygienic material.
Recycling or reuse of goods also contributes to the safety of environment. But the biodegradation rate is very slow for many products for example plastic bottles take minimum 100 years to decompose while aluminum cans take 200 years. Products made from these type of materials can’t easily degrade or can present for thousands of year in the environment. Biodegradable products are best for the environment because these products decomposed through natural process. Biodegradable material contains food waste, paper waste, dead bodies and waste of humans, plants and animals.
The best example for eco-friendly products is the products made from bamboo. It is a type of grass which can easily biodegradable. It grows rapidly depending on species. It can grow easily in poor soil with little water. Therefore, future deforestation could prevent. As other woods bamboo does not uprooted during harvesting, from which it will later re-grow. Bamboo products are eco- friendly because there is no chemical process as compared to the plastic, rubber or other man-made material for products. It has many other properties which includes
Bamboo being a multi functional, fast growing and a renewable plant was considered as an alternative to timber from the forest.

⦁ Its 95% decomposition occurs in 2.8 years and within 8 months 50% decomposition occurs.
⦁ It has anti-fungal and anti bacterial property.
⦁ It takes only 3-5 years to grow.
⦁ It absorbs more carbon dioxide than other trees.
⦁ It produces 35% more oxygen than other plants.
⦁ It removes toxins for example mercury and lead from the soil and trap them inside its stalk where they no longer harmful for humans.
⦁ It has property of sustainability.
⦁ It has strong roots in the ground which makes the soil more stable.
⦁ It is flexible and it does not break easily.

Thus, considering the properties of bamboo, it is necessary to use products made with it to save environment and to support health. Following are the products which made from bamboo plant.


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Cutlery set

Bamboo cutlery set is very useful for home and travelling both. It is reusable and safe because of antibacterial property. It includes set of fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks and straw.

Cutting board

Cutting board made from bamboo is better than other wooden cutting boards. It resists to absorb water in it, that’s it can use for all types vegetables and fruit without absorbing taste.


In America, about 140 million plastic bottles are being sent to the dumping ground that is harmful for the environment. Therefore, plastic bottles should be replaced with bamboo bottles. It also works as thermos which can keep beverages 8 hours hot or cold.

Lunch Box

Bamboo lunch box is perfect for travelling because it is insulated which keeps foods hot or cold for 8 hours. It also has anti bacterial property which keeps food fresh for long time.

Coffee cups

Bamboo coffee cups are better than other disposable cups because they are eco-friendly and they also have silicone gripper and lid on them. They do not have any odor which keeps drink to its original taste.

Bowls, cups and tray:

Other utensils made from bamboo include bowls, cups and trays which are eco-friendly because they can use regularly because of durability. They are non toxic, anti-bacterial and available in many attractive designs. They do not affect the taste of food and they are also useful for children because of light weight and soft edge.

Food storage jars

Bamboo food storage jar is perfect for the storage of food because it has sealing, made with silicone and a lid, made from bamboo which keeps foods fresh and long lasting.


Bamboo steamer is combined with stainless steel for durability with bamboo handles for easy grip.

Disposable pots

Bamboo disposable pots e.g. plates and cutlery set are best alternative to the plastic disposable pots. It can easily degradable after use which contributes to make environment clean.

Charcoal water Filter

Bamboo charcoal is also used to filter water. When it kept in the water, the carbon attracts contaminant and release minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron in the water. This water filter can use 6 months, and then it can be reusable after boiling for 10 minutes.

Air purifier

Air purifying made from bamboo charcoal, used to purify air for home and cars both. When the air passes through it, the air becomes odorless because it absorbs pollutants which make air fresh.

Bamboo tea

Bamboo tea does not contain caffeine and it has mild flavor. It contains silica which helps to regenerate collagen that is beneficial for hairs, nails and skin.

Kitchen Sponges

Bamboo kitchen sponge made from fiber is also eco-friendly and long lasting. It also prevents mold and pesticides. Its absorbent quality is better than other sponges. It can use for the cleaning of dishes, kitchen counter and stove etc.

Soap container

Bamboo soap container is used to keep soap or shampoo dry. It is best for zero waste companion because is durable and sustainable product which is alternative to the plastic


Bamboo floors look natural and beautiful. Any design can suit for bamboo floor and thick bamboo planks used for natural look to the floor. It is three times stronger than oak and it can stand up for lifetime.

Different type of Fabrics

Many types of fabrics made from bamboo fiber which includes bamboo rayon, linen, bamboo yarn etc. It is more durable, odorless, absorbent and soft than cotton and it is wrinkle free. It is also good for sensitive skin because of natural and organic material. It includes towels, bed sheets, pillows etc.

Different type of Fabrics

Many types of fabrics made from bamboo fiber which includes bamboo rayon, linen, bamboo yarn etc. It is more durable, odorless, absorbent and soft than cotton and it is wrinkle free. It is also good for sensitive skin because of natural and organic material. It includes towels, bed sheets, pillows etc.

Computer Accessories

Keyboard and mouse of desktop computer, which made from plastic can crack or break with time. But Bamboo computer accessories are more durable and long-lasting. They also look pretty than plastic.


Electric products which made from plastic and metals are hard to recycle. Bamboo speakers can be recycled easily

Bamboo rising stands

Bamboo stands used for different purposes like monitor rising stand and plant rising stand are alternate to the plastic stand due to eco-friendly properties.

Bamboo rising stands

Bamboo stands used for different purposes like monitor rising stand and plant rising stand are alternate to the plastic stand due to eco-friendly properties.

Wrist watch

Bamboo hand watch is light weight and attractive. It can also use for sensitive skin because there is no chemical and paint used in processing.


Usually sunglasses made from plastic which is not eco-friendly and contributes to increase garbage. That’s why bamboo sunglasses are best choice for green living environment.

Cotton Swabs

Bamboo cotton swab is used for cleaning purposes like nose and ears cleaning and cleaning keyboard. It also used in makeup. It also available in plastic material but bamboo is best because of its biodegradable property.

Reusable Make Up Pads

Recycling or reuse of products is very effective way to clean the environment. That’s why, makeup removal pads which made from bamboo are reusable and long lasting. They are also good for skin


Best quality skateboard made from Canadian Maple tree and it contributes to deforestation because of slow regeneration. Bamboo skateboards have also similar quality but they are more beneficial to the environment because of their fast regeneration property which doesn’t contribute to the deforestation.

Hair Brush

Bamboo hair brush is used for both animals and humans, because it is eco-friendly and it has fine edges which do not irritate the skin and easy to brush hairs because of evenly distribution of teeth. It also massages the skin which circulates blood.

Toothbrush Set

Bamboo tooth brushes are also available that’s why plastic tooth brushes should be replaced with bamboo brushes because of decomposable property.

Pet Bed

Pet beds, which designed with bamboo, are unique and attractive as compared to others. The outer shell of pet bed is handmade for its protection, decor and softness. It is durable and safe for pets and planet both.

Pads Rayon Training

Bamboo training pee pads used to train dogs because they safe fabric is used which attract dogs and they control bad smell. They also have more absorbent quality than others.

Wood Bath mat

Bamboo wooden floor mats are eco-friendly and they are stronger as compared to plastic and rubber and lighter than teak wood. They cannot bend, sag or stain and they prevent mold and odor and are more durable than other mats.

Bamboo Furniture

There is many types of furniture made from which includes, sofa sets, chairs, bed, tables etc. It resists damaging as compared to other hardwood. The color of bamboo is like beech wood and through staining it can be darker.
Everyone should participate to keep environment clean for future generation. All the above products are perfect to use in everyday life. It is a step towards the safety of the planet.